AIS understands working and living in another country are never easy for both an individual and a family.  There are numerous factors needed to be taken into consideration.  AIS will guide you step by step to come up with a decision, which is the best to you.

Am I eligible
There are requirements laid down by BCIS regarding eligibility to obtain permanent residence and to work legally in the US.

Why I need to move
Many families y in the US.

Work conditions
Work life, hospital system and nurse practice in the US have its own characteristics.  The compensation and benefits varies from state to state and amongst hospitals.  Our consultant will give you a highlight

Living conditions
The culture and life are also one consideration.  

Better off in the U.S.
A faithful cost of living comparison will be made between your country and in the US.  The social security and tax system, general price index, and spending patterns will be discussed with you.  You'll see if you will be better off.

How about the people coming with me
We care about you and the people coming with you.  Information will be provided about job and business opportunities for working people and study advice for the kids and teenagers.

Where to obtain support after arrival
AIS is always here to help you settling down.  We will suggest local community support if we have no representatives there. 

What happen if it can't work out
We have helped many people in the adaptation of new life. 

Well-defined plan
A detailed plan will only be worked out if motive and benefit to move into the US are clearly defined.

Top 10 to know