We currently provide per-diem nursing in Georgia.  The greatest advantages of working for us is the ability to work where and when you choose, earn top wages and benefits, and receive daily or weekly pay.

At AIS, we are available 24 hours a day,  year round.  We keep well-trained coordinators on call both day and night to address any concerns you or a facility may have.

AIS offers the ultimate in flexible, scheduling option.  Combined with a superior compensation structure, we make it easier for you to get on with your life.   Being in the industry as long as we have allows us to offer per diem shifts in many facilities across Georgia.

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You work where and when YOU want.  It is truly all about you and we know it.

Permanent Career
We have permanent position requests from hospitals across the country.  We contact the facility, negotiate the best package available, and all at no charge to you.

Per Diem Nurse FAQs