America International Staffing, Inc. ("AIS") offers opportunities for foreign nurses to immigrate and work in the U.S.  Different from other agencies, we provide customized One-Stop 3600 solution which is just right for you.  Our services cover:-

Expertise Consultancy & Planning
US Nurse Certification
Job Placement
Green Card / BCIS Process
Relocation Coordination
Post Arrival and Employment Support

Act now.  The US laws are kept changing. 

Call us at +1 (678) 560-5901 or email to our Consultant for a free consultation.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.



Hot Topic
The requirements to get Visa Screen certificate has just been changed.  It helps speed up the entire application process.

Why choose AIS
We know YOU.  We have partnered with international firms to learn about your culture, your nursing practice.  So we can find you a best-fitted working and living environment.