Step 1
I-140 application is prepared; this is an Immigrant-Based employment application.  You will receive a Green Card once you successfully complete the Immigration process and arrive in the US.  It takes approximately 45 days to submit your complete package to BCIS after you have supplied us with the required documents.

Step 2
Applicant receives BCIS Notice of Action, which states that the Petition of the applicant has been received together with the BCIS fee.  The Notice of Action usually arrives 45 to 90 days after filing.

Step 3
The 2nd Notice of Action, which is either an approval or request for additional information of the applicant/petitioner, is usually received in 90 - 150 days.  Once this Approval Notice is received, it means that you are well on your way to the final steps of immigration.  If the applicant/petitioner receives a Request for Additional Information the process may be delayed for an additional 30 to 60 days.

Step 4
Packet III - This is a request for biographical information from the BCIS, it is used to complete a background check on individual and family members for which a Visa has been requested.  Receipt of your Packet III is a clear indication that your application with BCIS is well on it way.  The Packet III should be completed as soon as possible and send back to us for review and processing.  There is a fee of $265 associated with this application for the Visa.  The BCIS usually sends this out to applicants within 45 to 90 days after the Approved Notice of Action has been sent.

Step 5
Before receipt of Packet IV the applicant usually receives a Letter of Inquiry from the US Embassy.  This letter asks if the applicant still wants to pursue his/her application.  Do not ignore this letter.  Applicants should explain in writing the reason(s) for any delay in submission of documents.

IMPORTANT:  You must have all of the required documents completed for the Visa Screen at this time.

Step 6
Packet IV - This is the final Packet that applicants receive from the BCIS.  This contains instructions on what to bring and what to prepare prior to the interview at the US Embassy.  It is important that you follow precisely the steps outlined in this Packet, you must complete the physical exam, Visa Screen and provide certain important documents, all of which will be described in the Packet IV.  You can expect to recive your Packet IV within 30 - 60 days after the US Embassy receives the Packet III.  There are a variety of fees that you must pay which are associated with the Packet IV.

Step 7
Interview at US Embassy.  The Interview is the final step in the process prior to arrival in the US.  Once the Visa Screen is processed and received, you will receive an interview date from the US Embassy.  The time span for this has become shorter over the last few months, approximately 30 - 75 days.  At the successful conclusion of the Interview you will receive written notice that your Immigrant Visa has been approved.  The Embassy will send via courier, your official Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration.  It comes in an envelop with specific instructions NOT TO BE OPENED until you reach the US Port-of-Entry (The Immigration Officer at the Port-of-Entry must open this envelop).